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Shefali’s Tik Tok video gone viral After Shehnaz Gill



Big Boss actress Shefali latest tik tok video gone viral on social media and people are getting crazy after watching her dance performance.

Tik Tok is now loading video consuming platform which is now used my famous celebrities

shefali bagga photo
shefali Bagga photo from instagram

And recent two Tv celebrities Shehnaz Gill and Shefali perform and record there tik tok video

Which gone viral and getting huge love and support from their audience

Shefali’s Bagga Tik Tok video

After end of Big Boss 13 all the contest seem’s chilling mood , Shehnaz gill who journey till finale of the big boss 13

While Shefali Bagga out after few episode , these two actresses doing a tik tok video and those videos able to collect huge love from there viewers

Shehnaz Gill video

They both performing lip sync on music of “Tujhko laungi mai khich ke Gao wale bich pe “

Which is recently trending music in tik tok india app and you can do it to and let me know your in comment section

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